Growing Agave

Tequila has a Denomination of Origin. This means tequila can only be produced in 180 municipalities in five states of Mexico. This works in the same manner as the denomination of Champagne, Bourbon, Cognac, and some fine wines in Spain. The growing of Agave is where the process all starts and Tequila Alderete takes extra pride in this part of the process. Because we are Farmers and have over 100 combined years of experience in agriculture in Mexico and the U.S.A. We are able to combine the traditional processes with new modern technologies and cultural practices. We provide our Agave with the utmost attention, so we can ensure healthy agaves with high amounts of sugar content. Cultivated on an estate 7,200 ft above sea level in Arandas, Jalisco, Mexico. Here, the combination of soil, climate and altitude produces the perfect agave plants to create the complex taste of Tequila Alderete.

Growing Agave

The “Jima” or “Harvest”

Once the Agave reaches full maturity, which can be anywhere from 7 to 12 years. Our Maestro Tequilero hand selects only the mature plants to be harvested or “la jima.” Plants that are not ready will be left and cared for until they reach the proper maturity for harvest. Because we use agaves from our own field we have full control to choose only the highest quality mature agaves. Our Maestro Tequilero’s ability to distinguish ripe Blue Agaves from immature agave plants is a skill that has taken 3 generations to master. By using only the best Blue Weber Agaves, a tequila with unrivaled taste and distinct character is created and has the privilege to bear the name Tequila Alderete.

Cooking the Agave

Once the Agaves have been cut down to the pina, they are taken to the distillery, where they are then cooked the traditional way in clay ovens. Where many of the large distilleries use stainless steel Autoclaves and cook the agaves for four to six hours giving the agave a bitter and unnatural taste. Tequila Alderete cooks our Agave slowly for up to 36 hours, allowing the Agave to keep its rich natural flavors and unique characteristics.


Tequila Alderete’s process of fermentation is one of the secrets in producing our Ultra Premium Tequila. Once the pinas have been cooked and the juices have been squeezed from the agave, the essential process of fermentation can begin. Tequila Alderete allows the agave juices to ferment slowly for 4-5 days, during this time classical music is played to give the micro-organisms a relaxed atmosphere. These microorganisms are working hard to turn the agave sugars into alcohol.

Cooking Agave


From the fermentation tanks, the spirit is ready for distillation. With precise temperature control and the use of traditional copper vertical stills the tequila is twice distilled to take out any impurities, then cut with water to bring it to the proper alcohol proof. Now the Meastro Tequilero has just produced the wonderful spirit know as Tequila Alderete.


Aging is the great magic that happens inside of a Tequila barrel after distillation. It’s remarkable to witness the transformation of the distillate from a clear Blanco to a gold Reposado or even a darker Anejo, and the many flavor, aroma, and taste complexities that are added before finishing the journey as an aged Tequila. For aging our Tequila to perfection, we use American White Oak barrels. The Reposado is rested for 6 months, 4 months longer than required. While our Anejo is aged for 27 months, an additional 15 months more than required. At tequila Alderete, patience is certainly a virtue and is key for making our fine tequila